MBRS Portal


  • Submit their full set of Financial
  • Exemption Application
  • Annual Return
  • All in accordance with the MBRS filing requirements and SSM Taxonomy.


As part of the SSM XBRL initiative, SSM has decided to adopt XBRL and build its next-generation electronic filing system the MBRS Portal Application (online submission platform) to enable companies to submit their full set of Financial Statements, Exemption Application, and Annual Return in accordance with the MBRS filing requirements and SSM Taxonomy.

SSM also envisions an integrated platform where data filed with this system will be interconnected with their other systems and offer an integrated business reporting environment. Such a platform will not only reduce the reporting burden on the companies but also provide an improved scope of routine analysis and the decision-making process.

SSM also wishes to use this system as a supervisory platform to monitor and regulate all companies in Malaysia.

Steps to use MBRS Portal

  1. Access to SSM2U Website at https://www.ssm4u.com.my/
  2. Register as a SSM4U user.
  3. Follow instruction in the notification e-mail and visit the nearest SSM office for validation as a SSM4U user.
  4. Log-in SSM4U and click “MBRS” icon.
  5. Apply user roles as follows:
     Roles Functions
    Company Secretary
    A Company Secretary or Company Agent who have the authority to lodge AR, FS and EA to SSM.
    Company Agent
    Company Secretary Assistant
    A person who prepare and upload the XBRL file of AR, FS and EA into mPortal.
    Company Agent Assistant
  6. Follow the instruction as shown on the MBRS screen according to the service required.
  7. Check on submission status at mPortal dashboard. Application result will be notified via e-mail.


  • The Company Secretary (Lodger) and Company Agent (Lodger) are required to purchase Digital Certificate (PKI Registration) via mPortal. mPortal will navigate users to 1CRS portal (Pos Digicert Certificate Registration System) to purchase the certificate.
  • Existing MyCOID users are not required to register as a e-Services user to access mPortal. MyCOID users need to reset password via  Forgot Password link in the eServices portal.

If you require assistance, please refer to the following guides:
Forgot Password Guideline
MBRS Portal Release 1 User Manual