MBRS Conversion & Filing Services

Prepare, convert and submit both Annual Returns and Financial Statements

Preparation and Filing of Annual Returns in MBRS

The submission of annual returns in the MBRS format has been made a requirement by SSM for all companies by 2019.

We can conduct these submissions on behalf of companies, where all we need from financial information, director details, company details, and shareholding.

This service would typically take 2-3 days to complete upon company’s giving us the necessary information to make the MBRS submission.



Just upload and send us your Annual Return Documents for filing. When we have completed the conversion you will receive the MBRS/XBRL complaint file you can submit directly to SSM.

Preparation and Filing of Financial Statements in MBRS

SSM previously announced that submission of company financial statements on the MBRS format is compulsory by the year 2019.

Public and private companies will be required to fill using the Malaysian financial reporting standard(MFRS) and private companies will also have the option to complete their submission by using Malaysian private entity reporting standard (MPERS).

The service typically takes 1 day from acquiring the complete information needed for the submission in the MBRS format.



Just need to upload and email us your financial statement accounts through our online form. Then we will collaborate with you on our support system throughout the process.

After completing the conversion process you will receive the MBRS/XBRL compliant documents which can be uploaded directly through the MBRS platform.

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